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Shamans and cata
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Autorius:  Gadoora [ Sek Sau 23, 2011 6:49 am ]
Pranešimo tema:  Shamans and cata

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Resto is only brought for mana tide totem at the moment, the healing shamans do isn't good enough compared to paladins and priests. Also the fact that shamans have pretty much non utility or useful cooldowns for raid or tanks makes the class really useless. On some fights double tide was good, especial at lower gear levels but as for Sinestra the fight just isn't made such that tide was needed so thats why no resto shamans.

I've played as elemental on couple of fights. Mainly to interrupt, obviously you can do that with resto spec also with some hit talents but in those fights dps was needed more then having 2 tides for healers. As for Sinestra there was no need for shaman interrupts. Also it's pretty much known that elemental shaman doesn't work too well on fights which have movement or lots of aoe needed. For those fights demo lock is better option to give 10% spell power buff. So as 95% of cataclysm fights need either aoe or movement demo lock was once again better choice.

And as you already said your self Rihmz is playing hunter now days since enha shaman just didn't bring any unique buff and other melees were doing better dps so that pretty much answers why no enha either.

So in short, shaman is pretty damn bad class atm. Some ppl may think otherwise but if you play at top and wanna min max to the max. Fewer shamans = better raid comp

Rerolling back to SP :)

Autorius:  Starzi [ Sek Sau 23, 2011 8:01 am ]
Pranešimo tema:  Re: Shamans and cata

tai su shamais nieko naujo :)

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